Enjoying this last week of just us. Hanging around the house, cooking dinners, decorating and waiting the arrival of our precious babe. Here’s a few snaps…




















We’re so ready for you baby boy McRohrer. Counting the minutes…


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The Fort

Hey there.

Back again to share few images of the nursery. We’ve been hard at work for the past month organizing, cleaning, painting, hanging this and hanging that…Oh, ya know nesting in its purest form. We’re so proud and in love with the room. There is only one lil’ guy missing to make it complete!


















We just can’t wait for him to move in.

Hope you like.


Kate + Rye

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Mini Fort!

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to share our mini-nursery plans with you today. Rye has been hard at work getting everything ready in there. Sealing the brick, trimming the doors and base boards, making a secret lil’ attic and a really cool bunk that we know someone will truly love one day! We will probably paint + wallpaper (with a little help from mom) within the next week or so! Then I can bring in all this really fun stuff I’ve been collecting…

So, some of you already may know this, but for those of you that don’t,  we are having a B-O-Y! Aside from the happy tears and jumps/shout outs for joy (Rye) the day our ultra-sound tech told us the news, one of the things I remember him saying to us was, “You’re going to be painting your new nursery BLUE! ”  The first thing I thought, was yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right buddy ;)

Not that there is anything wrong with blue. I personally just can’t contribute to the automatic asscociation it has with a baby boy. Especially in the nursery. There is so much goodness out there for our lil’ man to be inspired + surrounded by I could never start and stop with baby-boy-blue.

That being said,  I have had a million-trillion ideas running through my brain and I have been collecting things from all over the interwebs and thrift stores to get it going.  All the while trying to make some sort of sense out of these fun mini things. So, I will start with the items that I have either purchased or aquired over time. Maybe you can try and guess before I post the concept board.

These will all be making an appearance in the nursery some how, some way…

Round 1:

  • MINI DRAFTING CHAIR / I found at a great local Cape May thrift store for $12!
  • VINTAGE PLAID FABRIC / From my boy Harold on Fabric Row. He hooked it up at $11/Yard. This if for my amazing grammy to make into crib “bumpers”. Ya know, so the baby isn’t bumping his precious noggin’ on the metal crib.
  • NEEDLEPOINT HORSE / A great vintage Etsy find 5Gardenias.
  • ROPE ALPHABET / A fun print I saw on FAB one day.
  • ACCORDIAN RACK / Vintage find while visiting Ryan’s sister, Christine & Fam, out in Carlisle, PA. Can’t wait to hang cute little hooded bath towels and tiny hats from this one day.
  • VINTAGE LANDSCAPE / A painting I bought a long time ago, that has literally been sitting around just waiting to be used. My original pre-baby plans were to stencil / print something over top of this. I’m going to stick with that plan. Ever since I discovered artist Wayne White, I’ve been dying to pick a few words and try my own version. I’m thinking either “LETS GET LOST” or “LIKE A DREAM”. What do you think?

Round 2:

  • VINTAGE CAMP FLAGS / Vintage Cabin Flags from an overnight camp! Another Etsy score from NellieFellow shop.
  • BRASS BOOKENDS / Vintage find at a local Cape May thrift shop one summer weekend. We hope to acquire tons of books to read to McMini and these are some great anchors.
  • PENDLETON PILLOW / A gift from my boss and dear friend Mr. Sheffield a year or 2 ago. I hope he won’t mind I’m moving into the nursery for a while. It’s just too good to leave out.
  • GRANDPARENTS DRESSER / A beautiful antique my grandparents have had at the Cape May house ever since I can remember. They think it’s from Gracie, who was very dear to them. I love heirlooms like this and am so lucky to get this. Aside from the obvious use as a dresser, I will use this as his changing table too.
  • ARROW WALLPAPER / A title that is more literal than you think. A perk to my job sometimes is you can keep leftovers. Some of you may recognize this wallpaper from an “old” stomping ground, Arrow Swim Club.

Well, there you have it. A few of the collections I plan to use/ re-use in the mini fort.

Now you may be curious as to how this will all be crammed into one space. Ha, us too! To start, I found this image “Like a Dream” and it really helped me get on board with a concept. While this room is most definitely for our little guy to be nurtured and loved in, it was important goal for me to provide a strong foundation to the room, but create something our new family can all grow into together.

Maybe it’s all the campy hoo-ha surrounding the recent release of Wes Andersons, Moonrise Kingdom or the Native American and Utilitarian design trends that have been circling around for the past 2 years, but this image summed it all up for me.  There is something magical about the outdoors and what it has to offer us…a short trip outside our comfort zone that could lead to amazing discoveries beyond our imaginations. I just want to jump inside this image and explore what it has to offer.  This is an idea I could get behind and more importantly, these are ideas I want our lil’ guy to be surrounded by day in and day out.  Imagination + Discovery, mixed with a little bit of the familiar cabin comforts to remind him where home is.  I hope this will provide daily inspiration for our  wee pioneers mind.  All he needs to know is that he can go anywhere…and it starts in his fort!

  • 1 /  VINTAGE FLAGS to be strung on rope or tied to custom painted branches. (see links for flags above)
  • 2 / VINTAGE LANDSCAPE with new Wayne White inspired saying, will reside over his crib.
  • 3 / NEEDLEPOINT HORSIE will be added to a curated wall of artwork + prints.
  • 4 / I LOVE MY FAMILY print. Can’t get enough of this graphic + sentiment. I added this to my registry  here.
  • 5 / I JUST WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE WITH YOU: One day WE will travel together and I cannot wait.  I added to this to my registry  here.
  • 6 / ROPE TIE BACK: We have a back door in the room that I may cover up with something likes this, or if we choose to use the “bunk” as storage space I will create a curtain up above with rope ties!
  • 7 / VINTAGE ROCKER: I found this image on ModernHaus’ instagram feed awhile ago. I adore it. Rye’s parents offered us their old wooden rocker and I’m thinking I can make a cushion like this one with re-purposed camp blankets.
  • 8 / BOOKENDS: Take Aim. These will be used on the dresser or more likely the book shelves we plan to make out of salvaged wood leftovers.
  • 9 / ANTIQUE DRESSER. Will be used as a changing table, storage and an anchor to the wallpaper accent wall.
  • 10 / BUG NITE LIGHT: Love this camp- inspired night light. Reminds me of collecting lightning bugs in jars when I was little.
  • 11 / VINTAGE MOC’s: I scored these on Etsy. They are so stinkin’ tiny and cute they make me smile from ear to ear. He’ll need these for all his hippie hikes.
  • 12 / 1970’s VINTAGE TONKA WINNIE: I scored this on Ebay. I mean what else is there to say…it’s super RAD and he will need it for his adventures.
  • 13 / AREA RUG: Another item I’ve had for a while will be centered in the room. Love the colors.
  • 14 / CRIB: Black iron crib with pickets and a classic silhouette. Fell in love with its simplicity after looking at the vast array of crazy cribs out there today. A big wish item on my registry.
  • 15 / PENDLETON PILLOW: This will actually end up on the guest bed. There is another portion of this room I’ve decided not to include in the post, but our old full bed will be in the room too. I have a feeling Grandmom’s, Grandad’s, Aunt’s & Uncle’s will be staying over in the fort quite a bit. (He’ll come camp with us on those nights, don’t worry guests)
  • 16 / HOMEMADE MOBILE: Found this image and it was love at first sight. I want to make him a little something like this over his crib. Maybe feathers, maybe ropes + knots…who knows just yet. Have to leave our fort and start my own exploration for just the right things to include…

Well, there it is. The Mini Fort in all its conceptual glory. Hope you enjoyed your short trip away from home.  Until next time my friends! We have a serious fort to build…

If you miss us in the mean time, you can always stay in touch on                           INSTAGRAM (@baybeewipe) (@mcwiggle) or PINTEREST.

If you’d like to check out other items on my registries you can do so here and here.


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Shelf Life

Amongst the many distractions of summer and baby on the way, we’ve managed to source, design and build our very own shelving unit in the living room.

A wall of shelves – of some sort – was always part of the plan. It was getting the material and the cost that kept swaying our decisions. Or shall I say, helping us put it off and off and off…

As luck would have it, simultaneously I just so happen to be working on a new restaurant project where we’re opening up an existing ceiling for a mega skylight. Thus, we were getting rid of old wood joists to make room. These aren’ just any joists. They’re the really rough sawn, beautiful, lived-in kind. The actually 3″ thick kind. They don’t make them like this anymore people!

So, I called on a handsome handy man to swing by the project site and pick up the goods. Minor inconveniences and a broken ladder rack later, here they are all stacked out front of our place…


So, we discussed a couple of ideas and within a week Rye guy had this up and ready to go!


Clearly, we didn’t use them all.

Verny girl kind of helps put some scale to his massive-ness, but it’s huge. Hugely awesome. The idea was for books and objects to occupy the top 3 shelves and then leave a wider opening above the 36″ high shelf so we can use that as a bar/buffet. Below that we’re going to make (4) separate cubbies. For blankets and what I’m sure will become quite the collection of baby toys!

The joy of opening boxes we packed up OVER a year go was exhilarating. I almost feel like we live here now.






Can’t wait to grow into these shelves and fill them with objects full of love and memories. Here’s to a long happy shelf life!


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Yay for May!

As you know, we’ve been hard at work the past couple of weeks trying to get this kitchen ready. Last post I think we were about to get our counter-tops installed. So, just wanted to drop a few lines and show you what we’ve been up to…

It’s official. We’re cookin’ in the kitchen now with 2 semi-successful dinners under our belts. (I forget how to cook…it’s been over a YEAR!)







Livin’ is soooo nice these days. We walk down our steps into a clean kitchen and it’s honestly one of the best feelings since we’ve been here. A constant reminder of how far we’ve come.

We had fun with in-expensive lighting solutions for the time being. Love our Edison bulbs and Old School Pharmacy chandelier. That will eventually be centered above a mobile kitchen island.



The kitchen sink + faucet totally rock. I can’t get enough dishwashin’. The reclaimed wood shelves are great too. I’m sure they will fill up in no time.


On another note, the living room is finally starting to feel like something ! The big green snuggle-fest sofa is officially IN!




The sofa is in and we can lounge in our own little nest now and it feels amazing.

I got to use some left over Arrow pillows for some pattern play on the jolly green giant sofa.

And if you remember that tall industrial cart we were going to make into an island…we’ll we changed our minds. We made it into a coffee table instead! Rye guy cut the top handles off….and now we have this beaut.


So, as my belly grows large and we get ready for our mini’s arrival we have a beautiful home to enjoy. Not to mention the uber-important central AC/heating was finally installed!

We still have lots of odds and ends to take care of, but right now we just want to bask in all the glory. We honestly have so much to be thankful for. Rye has been a maniac getting all this together as I admittedly have been sooo exhausted and not much help. Not only did he build this entire place with his own 2 hands he cleaned all up for me too. That’s love people.

Verny is in love.


…and so are we. Rye still can’t believe the day has come!


Here’s to a great summer full of love, happiness and lots of baby talk!!


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Big News!

Well, not so big at the moment…but this news will grow and grow for the next couple months!


We are so excited to announce that WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! Aaaah!

Our little lamby is due this October and we just cannot wait. It’s been a queezy and sleepy couple months, but I’m happy to say I’m starting to feel great. We’ve had 2 ultrasounds and the baby is growing so fast I can’t believe it.

Here is a pic of our mini at 10 weeks (top) and again at 12-1/2 weeks (bottom).


We are so thrilled to see what the future holds for us and it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, as we are celebrating living in our house for a year today! It’s been a great journey so far and now we have a babe on the way to share all of our hardwork with!

Ok, I’m crying. Thanks to our family and friends for all your love and support already! We (and the babe) feel so loved.

Stay tuned for more updates and the start of a super cute nursery!


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March Madness

Hi Friends. We’re back with an update on the kicthen & living room progress. It’s been a crazy month waiting for our final (yay!) FHA check, but we got it and we’re back in biz.

First things first, we painted the ceiling in the kitchen and installed new beadboard in the living room ceiling. Recessed down lights, ceiling fan and chandelier j-boxes are all ready to go.



Oh, and we got the floors re-finished to match what we did upstairs.



Rye had fun re-purposing old wood beams from the place. He got to use them as the window sill in the living room, the ‘mantel’ and created some really cool shelves in the kitchen.





Then, the real fun began. If you’ll remember, this is what the dream kitchen is supposed to look like. I’ve had it all layed out for a while now, but I finally got to order it all. The best part was our timing. We were able to take full advantage of a 20% off sale at Ikea! Yup, you guessed it…Rye was the lucky one. He got to go get all the components and bring them home.


96 boxes, 1 range hood, 1 microwave, 1 sink & 1 faucet later he made it back and began to put it all together. Nev and him started with the tall cabinets that surround the fridge.


Sooner or later it looked like something! Verny and Rye got right up in there.


He slid the fridge in place and now it looks like this.


After that we took a break to enjoy the fridge and microwave. We dashed off to Trader Joes, stocked the fridge and enjoyed our first ‘home cooked’ meal!


Rye then installed the doors to the bathroom and utility closet under the stair. They will be painted black to match the ones upstairs and go nicely with the cabinets.


On the wall opposite this is where we had the existing brick. Which we put a new coat of paint on. In addiiton, we also painted the existing window & trim black. Then Rye added the base cabinets, stove, dishwasher and sink cab.


Right now there are no counter tops. However, the company came out this week to template them. Hopefully, in about a week or so we’ll actually have them!  I can’t wait to share.

We can’t put the sink in until they’re installed because it’s a farm house style sink. Also, missing from this photo is the stainless steel range hood that will be mounted directly above the stove.

However, included in this picture are the open wall mounted shelves we chose to create instead of upper cabinets. I much like the idea of displaying pretty glasses and plates up there rather than having cabinets. We used an old wood plank that was here and Ryan just cut and sanded it down. The oil-rubbed bronze metal brackets I bought online.


And there you have it folks. That’s what we’ve been up to. A long awaited day we never thought would happen…our very own, BRAND NEW kitchen is almost in tact!

Ah, so exciting.

Stay tuned for more!


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Fun For February

Hello all. Back again with a quick update. Things have been moving along nicely!

Rye installed the hardwood floors downstairs.





By the looks of the diminished pile that was sitting in the garage, we were worried we wouldn’t have enough for the living/dining room, kitchen, powder room and entryway. But, we had more than enough! So, we will use the extra wide planks for new stair treads eventually.

The rest went towards the “fire place”. We will finish this wood differently though…hoping to get our main man Benjamin Johnson over to set us up with some of his fancy paint finish techniques. I want it to be white, but with some darker graining coming through.

We won’t actually have a fire place, but do plan on getting a wood burning stove in the back left corner of the window. So, we will stack logs in the recessed area and Rye can hang his big fancy TV above it. Thus, giving a nice focal point for our really large green sofa to surround,

After that we had to sand the ceiling beams and get them ready for primer & paint. Lucky me, that was my job.



That was a task, let me tell you. I was filthy.

With that behind us, my loving and caring parents came down for the day and we all put our painting pants on.

Dad tried his not so trusty sprayer.


And Mom went to town on the beams.


Rye patched & caulked the brick wall in the kitchen area. It was disasterous.


Now it’s looking pretty darn good.

I on the other hand made a mess of everything and still have white paint & primer in my hair. I look grey.



We primed and painted everything white for now. I want to get us a good clean slate to add color and pattern to as we live in the space longer and make it ours.











A long couple weeks to say the least, but the flooring guys are coming to finish our floors tomorrow! We cleaned up tonight and are looking forward to the fancy results.


They may have to wake up Rye when they get here.

Stay tuned for finished ceilings, lots of trim work, doors and hopefully some kitchen cabinets!

xo Kate

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Kitchen Concept

If you recall -way back when – I was having an internal dilemma of wether or not to do the kitchen with black or white cabinetry. Light or Dark? Ah, the struggle!

It wasn’t until I came across this image, that it all came together.

Ok, maybe it’s that awesome pistachio colored hippie gown I’d love to wear day in and day out.

Actually, it was being able to see this perfect combination of black base cabinets, white marble countertop and exposed red brick that made me say…duh. This is it, this is what I want. We don’t NEED overhead cabinets, we’re only two people!  So, all of this with the subtle hint of stainless steel appliances I think will help us achieve that vintage (but, really new) look I’m going for….maybe existed there originally….but, not really.

We will purchase all new base cabinets & appliances (see below). However, we will keep the red brick, white brick (with painted wainscot stripe!), factory window & paint the exposed ceiling all white.  You know, like THIS…

Lastly, the image below helped jump start the idea that 1/ we can have built in cabinets to surround the refrigerator on the opposite wall too! (for added storage & growth) and 2/ I was afraid black would be too dark until I saw this and realized how much white we’re going to have elsewhere.


I really think it’s going to come out nicely. I cannot wait to cook in there.

Check it out…here is what I see.  Oh, and a picture of what it looks like now in case you forget.

Here is a quick sketch showing the built-in cabinets around the refrigerator. As, well as the utility/closet door (on left) and the powder room door (on right) that will all be under the stair.

Here is a sketch showing the L-shaped cabinet/counter top formation that works nicely with our existing brick walls. The window looks out into the living/dining room. We’ll create a custom mobile island  (shown above) in the center of the kitchen to tie it all together. The shelving above the stove top will most likely be made of salvaged wood beams. Something warm and raw. To the left possibly some framed artwork or antique mirror.

Well, there you have it. The appliances arrive this weekend and since Rye has this whole week off too (jealous!) he should hopefully have the hardwood floor down by then. (We’re using the same floor as upstairs through out the kitchen & living/dining space.

Cabinetry & counter tops will take a little while to fabricate, but I think in about a month we’ll be cooking.

Stay Tuned…next time it will be the real thing!


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Currently Cold

Long time no see! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with friends & family. We sure did, a much needed hiatus. Although, amongst the time off we’ve managed to frame and insulate the downstairs. However, we cannot close up the walls yet because we’re still waiting on the HVAC to be installed. Yes, it’s true we still do not have heat. Space heater donations welcome!!

Here are a couple pics of current conditions…

A view towards where the tall built in cabinets & refrigerator will go. To the far right, the new hallway to the front door.



Rye reinforced the steps and began to frame under the stair. Here are the 2 door openings. Left is the utility closet/pantry and the right is to the powder room. Here is our dusty pedestal sink kind of in place.


I got down & dirty and insulated the living/dining room.

I know you’re really jealous of my boots.

Stay tuned….Kitchen Design Concepts up next.

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